We are a small family and employee owned vertically integrated business and our team of hard working team members has been with us for years and because of this we work well together and provide a personal touch. We are neither a management company nor a rental agency but instead own and operate all of the buildings on this website. We own over 30 buildings with about 300 apartments and 15 retail spaces in Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, East Village, and Noble Square. Rather than even talk about our educations or our experience like most landlords and management companies do on their websites, we think these details are truly meaningless to both our current tenants and our prospective tenants, and instead, we prefer to focus on what we are really good at. We are very responsive to any and all issues and we pride ourselves on our outstanding service and our ability to be flexible and accommodating to our tenants, many of whom who have been with us for years. We are routinely complimented for our exceptional service, and have an unusually high tenant retention rate because of our exceptional service and the extraordinary apartments we own. Additionally, we have used the same maintenance and construction people for years so that you can have peace of mind, feel secure, and things are taken care of quickly and properly.


'Jerry, Mark and Daniel were an absolute pleasure to deal with on any issue we ever had.'
Maintenance was fast and efficient and we never had any major issues whatsoever. Polite and respectful and always cheerful when we spoke to them in person or on the phone.
-- James W

'Spent a great 2.5 years renting from Wicker Park Apartments.'
'Friendly and responsive management.  Great apartment and value for the location in an expensive renter's market.  A++'
--Andy F

'My roommate and I lived in our apartment for 2 years, and I have no complaints.'
'Our apartment was cute, clean, and affordable, with great appliances/amenities.
All of our maitenence issues were resolved within 24 hours.'
-- Samantha W

'Thanks for everything Mark!. You're an awesome Landlord'
--Tyler and Katie

'We want to thank you for being the best landlord either of us had and wish you and your family the best.'
'We have truely enjoyed living here for the last 5 years. We are closing on our new home the end of next month and want to thank you again for your flexibilty and your allowing us to break our lease so we didn't miss out on our dream home!'
-- Joey and Laura


'In almost twenty years of renting in Chicago, Mark is easily the best landlord I've known.'
'I say this for two reasons: first, the quality of the units and cleanliness of the buildings; second, his honest, fair and punctual response to any issues. It goes beyond zero complaints; it's praise.'
-- Jim

'I can't say enough great things about my experience with Wicker Park Apartments.'
'My apartment has all the charm of an older building, but with all the upgrades of a high-end condo. The attention to detail is amazing, I have gorgeous exposed brick, granite countertops and more storage/closet space than I know what to do with. My building is extremely well-maintained with an amazing garden area that is meticulously maintained. The rehab was very professionally done, I've never had cheaper heating/cooling bills and that says something when dealing with cold Chicago winters and hot Chicago summers. I would and do recommend Wicker Park Apartments to my friends and family.'
-- Erin

'I lived in a Wicker Park Apartments apartment for nearly 3 years.'
'My boyfriend and I recently broke up so I needed to downsize and I moved from a three bedroom two bath unit just off of Division to a two bedroom one bath unit in Ukrainian Village. Mark was very sympathetic and accommodating and he even let us break our lease early. I love my new apartment which is half the price of my former apartment and I have to say that at first I had reservations about moving to UK Village but after being here just over a month now, not only love my new apartment but also my new neighborhood. I strongly recommend Wicker Park Apartments.'
-- Jessica

'For the past year, we have enjoyed being Mark's tenants so much that we didn't think twice about renewing our lease.'
'Mark is a very friendly, thoughtful and attentive landlord who addresses tenant concerns immediately. For example, we had a problem with our sink and within two hours after calling him, Mark was in our apartment to fix it. Best of all, while he was fixing our sink, he took the time to visit with us to catch up. Mark is genuinely interested in his tenants; we couldn't ask for a nicer apartment and better landlord.'
-- Sara and Keith

'My teenage daughter and I love living in our building.'
'Being in the real estate business myself, I really appreciate the features and finishes normally only found in higher end for sale properties and not in apartments. We love the location of our building, it's proximity to everything and also the thoughtful floor plan not to mention Mark's all around flexibility.'
-- Rebecca

'I wanted to live in Wicker Park because of the neighborhood's huge, beautiful old trees and gorgeous late nineteenth century homes.'
'After looking at dozens of apartment rentals, however, I was discouraged. Most of what I saw were run-down properties that had not been updated in decades, with dull creaky wood floors, tiny kitchens with very old appliances, and little to no closet space. Having lived in a place with modern amenities in Lakeview for many years, I felt like moving to Wicker Park would be a big step down for me and gave up on the idea. However, a friend referred me to Mark, and my outlook was completely changed. Mark showed me a spacious place on tree-lined Potomac Ave. As if the large windows, huge back porch, central air and heat, hardwood floors that looked brand new, roomy walk-in closet, and modern kitchen with granite countertops, a dishwasher, and a built-in microwave weren't enough, I was sold when I saw the stackable washer and dryer in the unit. I lived in that place for 10 months, when I decided I could use a little more space. Mark showed me several more units in other properties, and when I found the perfect apartment, he let me move out of my previous unit a month early and adjusted my lease termination dates accordingly, with no extra fees. I have enjoyed both of my homes, and would recommend Wicker Park Apartments to anyone who wants to live in a neighborhood with vintage character but doesn't want to sacrifice modern conveniences.'
-- Jennifer

'I was the first to move into a 1-bedroom Wicker Park Apartment right after Mark gutted and re-did the building.'
'That was 6 years ago and I'm still here because the place is just really great. My building is well kept and Mark is always responsive to needed repairs, issues, etc. He's a great landlord and also a really nice guy!'
'I have lived all over the place, from Chicago to Southern California.'
'Out of all the many apartments I have lived in, Mark is by far the best landlord I have ever had. I really love my apartment and have never had any problems with my unit. On of the best things about Mark is that he personally deals with his tenants. You don't have to talk to 10 different people to get something done. You can call him up personally and talk to him. I was thinking about trying to find an apartment with a washer and dryer in the unit this year. However, since Mark didn't have one available at the time, I didn't bother looking anywhere else and resigned my lease. I would rather stay in his building with a W/D right downstairs than to have to deal with a different landlord. If anyone is thinking about moving to the Wicker Park area, I would HIGHLY recommend renting from Mark.'
-- Elizabeth